RW Audio DIY is for people like the satisfaction of building and finishing a project themselves, or simply to save a little cash by assembling it yourself.

RW Audio complete Kits:

All complete kits are RW Audio designed products that are simply not assembled, all parts and instructions are included.  With the proper assembly technique there is no difference between the kit and production model.

DIY section of the store for a complete list of available kits and parts.

RW Audio basic Kits:

All basic kits include the enclosure and specific parts required to fit pre-machined holes or openings in the enclosure.  LED’s, potentiometers, input/output/power jacks, and other hard to find parts are included.  Resistors, capacitors, op-amps and other personal preference parts are left upto the customer to source and purchase.

RW Audio Parts:

All RW Audio enclosures are designed in house, there are no off the shelf parts used, with the exception of hardware (screws, fasteners etc.)  Some of these items are difficult or impossible to find in the DIY market, so RW Audio will make items available that may be useful for other DIY projects.  This includes knobs, feet, enclosure parts or even complete enclosures.  Op-amps and other hard to find items will be offered as well.

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