Learn how to configure a pair of Amp1 desktop headphone amplifiers in a balanced configuration.  True dual mono setup, dual power supplies, dual amps, the ultimate in balanced performance without the huge price tag.  (balanced source required, dual 3.5mm to 4 pin XLR shown is optional)

What is RW Audio?

RW Audio was born in 1999 out of the need for a good car stereo line driver.  As an Electronics Engineering student unwilling to wait for questionable warranty work, Robin Wainwright began to repair a blown line driver.  The design was odd, filled with compromises and gimmicky lights, so out with the old and in with the new.  The first RW Audio line driver was simple and functional, many competitions and many wins followed.  People started to want was I was using, the design was finalized and PCB’s made.  After many years, countless wins and dozens of db drag racing world records and 100’s of happy customers…..

The RW Audio Car Stereo Line Driver is back!  The all new LD2.24M shares little with it’s old namesake.  The all new power supply design will operate perfectly on battery voltages ranging from 7V DC to 24V DC.  The all new enclosure design is rugged, compact, cnc machined and assembled by hand.  The LD2.24M is “burp” button ready, with a new non-competition version with built in signal generator for on demand, anytime full power “BURPs” at your preconfigured frequency and volume.

RW Audio also designs and manufactures Desktop and Portable headphone amplifiers including one of the first balanced portable headphone amps to hit the market along with the award winning Amp1 compact desktop headphone amplifier.

RW is proud to anounce that Amp1 has received a Blue Moon award from
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Blue Moon Award