IMPORTANT.  Due to Manufacturing issues with the company that was supposed to build the enclosure panels for this line driver it is still unavailable.  I will be personally milling and engraving a few small batches of this line driver since the electronics behind it have been ready for a very long time and there has been great interest.  Sales will be on a first come first serve basis, and I would rather not take pre-orders or pre-payments (to discourage the request for this, I will take pre-orders paid in full at 3x, yes THREE times the regular price, so please don’t try to pre-order) .  I put my heart and soul into every product that I build, RW Audio exists because it’s what I love to do, that said I also have a day job and family out side of RW Audio so I don’t have a lot of time or money to dedicate to resolving these manufacturing issues at this point in time.  When RW Audio isn’t fun anymore I’ll close it down for good, I hope that never happens.  I enjoy interacting with my customers and hearing about their vehicles and systems.  Unfortunatially due to the greatly increased amount of work that will go into each line driver I have to raise the price to cover my time and allow me to maintain and upgrade my CNC router (normally only used for prototyping).  The burp button will be available as soon as I finalize it, also on a first come first serve basis, however ALL LD2.24M’s will be burp button capable, so a Burp button can be added at any time.

I will update the quantity on hand in the store as line drivers are available, if the quantity on hand is zero then unfortunatially there are none available at this time.  The price for these units is $259US and will qualify for any special shipping rates that I offer IE: free shipping.

Competition version
– 7v-24v Battery input voltage range to cover any possible electrical system modifications
– Regulated and isolated power supply is virtually immune to input fluctuations or voltage drops
– 9v rms input and output signal capability
– Designed around the National Semiconductor LME49710 + LME49600 for incredible performance
-adjustable gain
– CNC machined aluminum enclosure
– Optional vertical mounting brackets (feet) for use in tight spaces
– “Burp button” ready

-Question. What is a “Burp” button?
-Answer. The burp button is a remote momentary switch that can be setup in two ways. Setting 1 only passes signal when the wired remote “Burp” button is pressed, this is good for testing or competition use. Setting 2 is the default setting and the line driver works like any other and the signal passes from input to output as usual.
-distortion lower than I can measure (less than 0.001% THD+N)
-all 24 channels put out EXACTLY the same signal, no more trying to match levels on 2,3,4…. processors to get your gains setup
-use any number from 1 to all 24 channels, there is only one model offered to eliminate the overhead of having many different enclosures and PCB’s.
-Tip. mount the line driver somewhere central and use the EXACT same length/brand/model of RCA cable to every single amplifier, don’t run shorter RCA’s to closer amplifiers, and longer ones to the farthest ones
-Question. will this line driver make my system louder?
-Answer. results will vary depending on how good your system is now, but I’ve never had a customer that didn’t improve in some way, either pure SPL #’s or lower distortion being easier on the woofers making them last a lot longer. One team installed an LD2.16M (an old but popular version) and while the SPL # stayed the same they were no longer reconing woofers after every run, they used one set of woofers for an entire event which was a first for them.
-Question. will there be more models offered?
-Answer. Yes, there will be an SQ model released next, no time frame yet as it will be based on the LD2.24M and tweaked for channel balance, transparency and noise.
-Question. will you build me a custom line driver?
-Answer. Unfortunatially no, in the early days every line driver I built was custom and as many customers know that takes time, things have changed, now I designed one model that will work for almost every system and priced it lower than I could if I had to design, build and stock tons of different models. This also makes it better for the end user, if your system grows your covered.
-Question. can I use this line driver for my front/rears also?
-Answer. no, this is a mono line driver designed specifically for subwoofer applications only, there will be a stereo or hybrid (stereo + mono) model in the future.

Street Version:
-includes everything the competition version uses plus one unique feature.
-built in signal generator with frequency and level adjustment
-19-100Hz range
-upto 9v rms signal output
-“Burp” button activates the signal generator
-Question. What is a “Burp” button?
-Answer. In the Street Version the “Burp” button works slightly differently, the line driver passes signal as usual until the “Burp” button is pressed, when the “Burp” button is pressed the signal source is switched from the input RCA’s to the built in signal generator and you have an on demand full power “Burp” at your preset frequency and volume level. (The frequency and volume setting must be adjusted and tuned when the line driver is first installed)
-Question. What the hell am I going to use that for?
-Answer. Use your imagination, anything from scaring or impressing your friends, or showing that guy beside you at the stop light what a real system can do (even if you were listening to the radio, and don’t have time to find that bass disc, skip to the right track, crank the volume and show him what a real stereo can do)
-Question. why is the signal generator not included in the competition version?
-Answer. while it would be a good setup tool, every competition organization that I know of does not allow a signal generator as a source, you must use a CD/DVD/MP3…. player of some sort.
-Tip. Use your stereo and the “Burp” button responsibly, represent our sport in a positive respectable manner


Test LD2.24M RCA Outputs
Frequency response (from 20 Hz to 20 kHz), dB: TBD.
Noise level, dB (A):  
Dynamic range, dB (A):  
THD, %:  
IMD + Noise, %:  
Stereo crosstalk, dB:  

LD2.24M, Price:  $259US