– Portable1 is loosely based on the Amp1 architecture however through design testing, revisions and improvement the final product is hands down a spectacular upgrade from Amp1 (A balanced version of Amp1 will be available soon implementing the Portable1 design in a desktop format) – The synergy between Portable1 and all headphones I’ve tested has been wonderful, some of the headphones literally transformed going from single ended to balanced. The AKG K240 Sextetts had the most drastic improvement, becoming one of my favourite headphones for vocals and acoustic instruments. The Sennheiser HD650’s gained a level of detail and transparency while improving the quality of the bass.


– Balanced output, eliminates the problems related to the common ground in traditional amplifiers
– Standard 3.5mm single ended input to work with all current Ipods, mp3 players and phones
– Internal jumpers to switch to single ended output for compatibility with all unbalanced headphones
– Enclosure machined from a solid block of aluminum
– Solid aluminum volume knob
– Internal high and low gain jumpers to work with most headphones
– 3.5mm input, 3.5mm 4 conductor Balanced headphone output
– High capacity battery with 50-100 hour battery life*
– Alps volume pot with integrated on/off switch
– Incredibly high output voltage swing due to the balanced design, drives 32-600ohm headphones with ease
– Available early 2010
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– Price – $299USD including free retermination to balanced connector of upto 2 pairs of headphones**/***
– Includes adapter to allow use of reterminated headphones in standard 3.5mm headphone amplifiers/sources

* Further testing required to determine average battery life in real world conditions.
** Customer is responsible for all costs for shipping headphones to RW Audio including any duty or taxes, headphones will be reterminated and shipped back to the customer along with the headphone amplifier
***Some headphones use a 3 conductor cable instead of the common 4 conductor cable, these will require recabling, instead of retermination. Extra cost will apply.

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Portable1 Introductory Price: $299USD